Выпишите из текста по одному предложению с глаголом каждого времени.

будущее простое:

прошедшее простое:

настоящее простое:

настоящее длительное:

настоящее завершенное:

1) I am exhausted. I need a holiday. I have spent hours at computer terminal – sometimes late in the evenings, at weekend or on public holidays. I deserve a rest and I can afford to go anywhere for two or three weeks. But I am going to my home village and my childhood. My parents, family and many friends still live there. I am going to swim in the river with my friends again, to enjoy the picnics, homemade lemonade. I want to go fishing in the lake with my Dad and elder brothers, ride horses at the farm and sleep in the shade of the forest. (John)

2) My trouble is that I want to go everywhere and see everything. Every opportunity that comes I’ll take it! I am still young but I don’t want to miss out on any chance. This year I will go to Egypt. Is it because I can get a good price for travel or that I want to see the Pyramids? Is it because I heard about the land of the Pharaohs and the unique blend of North Africa, southern Europe and Middle East? No! It is just because I have never been there before and now is my chance. (Alice)

3) I never took a holiday abroad. To be honest it is too expensive at the moment but really, it is not a priority either. My hobby is forest photography. Within 100 miles of home there are more forests than I can explore in a lifetime. My main speciality is birds. Getting a good clear shot can take two or three days of patient setting up. I have 11 decent species shots so far and I am taking two weeks holiday this autumn to try and get a few more. (Kate)

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