Complete these sentences by using the correct word from the box. There is an extra word which you do not need to use.
In a Language School.
water subjects exciting four problems love
making teacher boring summer learning

Fourteen-year-old Andy, who is from Korea, lives in France. He is (1) _________ French and is also studying English. What’s it like for him? “I (2)__________ living here,” says Andy, “and I’m beginning to feel like I’ve lived here my whole life and not for only (3)___________ years. I’m not usually very good at (4)___________ friends, but everyone here is so nice that I’m not having any (5)___________. If I don’t understand an exercise at school, I ask the (6)____________ or one of my friends to help me with it, and they always do. I enjoy most of the (7)_____________ we do at school, but I’m not very fond of history. It’s a bit (8)___________! Another thing I like about living here is that I’m able to do lots of (9)_____________ sports, like swimming and water-skiing. I’m really looking forward to my (10)____________ holidays this year because I want to learn windsurfing!”


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